Transactional mail requires 100% accuracy and flexible schedules to meet

a clients’ billing and communication requirements. Precision Mail is unique.

100% accuracy begins with 100% honesty. We are committed to achieving your deadlines, working with you to establish a manageable timeline.


We accommodate our clients rather than expecting they will accommodate us.


Our PDF analysis tools allows a client to output data as a pdf rather than supplying raw data only. We can barcode the file to reduce postage costs and produce audit reports without any effort from you.


Our output solution provides an option for print or for email distribution.


Our audit process ensures 100% accuracy and provides you with matching

audit reports.


Our data processing tools can handle any data format your system can create.

If we don’t have an immediate fix, we will develop a solution tailored to your needs.


Our intelligent inserters can handle single page or multiple page documents, into DLX, C5 or C4 envelopes and even plastic wrap, providing you with multiple options

for your mailing piece.


Precision Mail operates 5 high speed plastic wrapping machines, positioning us as one of Australia’s most resourceful plastic wrapping providers.

Our machines offer a wide array of options from multiple magazine onserting to intelligent collation of invoices, surveys or ordering forms.


Sizing can vary from the smallest 11B to broadsheet newspaper.


Inserts or onserts offer clients an excellent method of recouping costs by providing advertising within their publication’s distribution.


A range of plastics are available including, greenwrap® our degradable plastic wrapping film.


• C4 intelligent inserters for A4 documents that need to be left flat.


• 4 intelligent inserters for your DLX, C5 transactional mail packs.


• Intelligent machine and hot glue affixing of plastic cards and other materials.


100,000+ intelligent items matched collated and folded per day.


80,000 plastic cards matched and affixed per day.

We have the ability to intelligently match and feed multiple page personalised sheets onto your publication, giving you the integrity of an intelligent job whilst maintaining the visual impact.


Get your marketing piece noticed amongst other mail, while at the same time protecting it from the elements. Precision Mail can plastic wrap pieces from 11B size to tabloid and offers 100% degradable plastic, cellophane wrap or plastic with your logo, or message printed as well as standard plastic.


300,000 items plastic wrapped per day.

Complex data handling and data conversion for all marketing and billing requirements for all industry types. We ensure 100% accuracy.


From raw data to laser printed output, audit reports, lodgement reports, processing from PDF files - output to mail or email.


15 envelope inserters guarantees we have the capacity and the ability to handle any mailing requirement and the deadline demanded.


With 15 automatic inserters, from 11B through to C4 size and up to 6 items, Precision Mail can handle all your inserting needs. We ensure maximum accuracy

and have an accounted for audit Control across our high speed machinery by continually calibrating the miss and double detection sensors and counters.

We can also assist with all your envelope printing requirements, printed from

1 through to 4 colours.


250,000 envelopes inserted per day with up to 6 items.



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