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Companies face the daunting task of driving out competition from a localised influence. This has now been replaced

with competition from a global reach and the growing influence of cross platform invasion of television, radio, internet

and portable devices.


The result is a fractured and defensive buying public who are wary of being "sold" a product or solution but seek a "solution" to their wants and needs. The need to engage with an existing or potential client requires a different conversation. In some sectors such as the charity industry, direct mail is number one in creating an effective acquisition and converstion process. We at Precision Mail have tested extensively with a wide range of formulations and a variety of offerings that have concluded some startling results that work highly effectively. 


In other demographics, direct mail may provide a more minor role. Precision Mail have in these cases been effective in delivering a direct mail solution that blends into other mediums of communication such as email marketing and billboard

brand awareness campaigns.


We understand the difference between building identity and selling a product. We work closely with advertising agencies in being part of the end solution for an organistion. In other circumstances we draw on our own experience to deliver a one stop solution for an organisation seeking to benefit from centralised purchasing and the lower rates this offers.


We see the process of helping you acquire more customers with different methodology. It is about offering the best solution for the best need. We start the need investigation by evaluating what you are seeking to achieve, determining where you are positioned in your market, identifying your customer demographics and importantly what is your budget. Only after extensive research do we help you conclude what is the most effective direction to take.


We believe in the process of split testing, that is setting up small changes to measure results. Some regard this goes against the core of what some of their competitors would offer, but split testing determines the potential effectiveness of a goal without the risk of a large expenditure risk. Split testing involves its own sciences and we would be more than interested to share our thoughts on this technique in more detail.

Customer Engagement Cycle

The days of selling a product to a customer and having their long ongoing loyalty secured are long gone. 


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