How to retain existing clients...

Five stages of membership acquisition and development

The game has changed. Prospective members are more savvy with their spend and investment in their time. They seek out more information and justification before committing. The time honoured tradition of asking prematurely for a commitment is not always the most effective method any more.


The engagement with a member must be an ongoing relationship, aligning the member's aspirations with a tailored offering.

The end intention is to remove the possibility of a member considering their options at the end of a membership cycle but being inspired to commit financially and emotionally at a higher level for the longer the period of association.


Members do not want to be 'sold' on the reasons for connecting with your organisation. They want to feel they have reached the conclusion themselves, that value for money has been worthy and invested and not spent. This level of communication is an ongoing commitment by an organisation, to interrogate the membership database and segment members into sectors depending where they exist in the membership life cycle.

Delivering into the unique expectations of each member and probing for values that a prospective member

will prioritise as important.

Gaining a commitment to engage and form a relationship with the organisation.

Developing a framework of contact with the member.

Identifying weaknesses in the relationship and cementing any flaws that could offer the member reason

to evaluate their membership renewal.

Induce members to becoming ambassadors to promote the value of the organisation amongst contexts

of the same demographics.

Precision Mail can fit into your existing Membership program and provide production capabilities to send out our direct mail needs. Or we can provide a complete

in-house solution that includes creative development, database interrogation

and strategy development. The choice is yours.


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